Welcome to the PC Guru

Welcome to The PC Guru, solving Austin's computer problems since 1996!

PC Guru no longer operates the walk-in store at 310 E St Elmo Road. Unfortunately finding reliable technicians who would treat every customer the way that I wanted to treat them, has proved difficult. The problem is that PC Guru have very high standards for the right way to do computer repairs - we will not tell you that you need a new motherboard when we simply don't know what is wrong. We also will not advise repairs that cost far more than the computer is worth. Doing things the way an "average" computer repair shop would do them is not acceptable when there is a better way!

As a result Paul Mullen, the original PC Guru with over 34 years experience in computer repair, is now only accepting work that I can do personally, or with the help of a trusted assistant under my direct supervision.

Call 301-HELP (512-301-4357) to make an appointment for personal on-site visits or to bring your computer to me.

Due to City of Austin regulations restricting home businesses, we are not allowed to advertise our location here. However it is the heart of South Austin, near the center of 78704.